Terms of service

CalcUtil provides free calculations and conversions in various fields. These calculations in no way engage the responsibility of or its authors.

Utilisation of CalcUtil

Whatever the field, the calculations are provided for information only and do not replace the opinion of a professional in the field concerned. Some calculations or conversions may be inaccurate, incomplete, or contain design bugs. Users who find an error can report it directly on the site, in the Contact section.

In any case, neither nor its authors can be held legally responsible for a misuse or understanding of calculation, conversion or information, a bug or an error in the site, which could have caused wrong to the user or to a third party. It is up to the user to check the calculations himself and he is totally responsible for the accuracy of the results, the use he makes of them and the success of his project.

Some calculations or conversions have changing legal data (calculation of wages, interest rate of bank books, maximum blood alcohol level allowed ...). The authors try to keep this kind of information up-to-date. However it is possible that some calculations are not up to date and therefore do not respect the data legally in force. These errors are in no way responsible for the site or its authors, users who find data or information that is not in accordance with the law are invited to report it directly in the Contact section. br> The whole site is regularly deposited by Copyright © and has been the subject of a deposit at the INPI.

The whole of this page can be modified without notice.



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